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Discover 200: a guide to Semex benefits now - and in the future

Semex announces Discover 200 -  a brand-new online magazine disclosing some of the latest research into production returns. Among other informative articles the publication explains the health and fertility gains from Immunity+TM - Semex's unique, exclusive product aimed at helping farmers to create healthier, easily-kept herds. Discover 200 is immediately available as a pdf download here.  There will be much more discussion of the best practices in modern dairy farming at the Semex International Conference themed Agents of Change. The Conference is from 13-15 January 2019 in the 5-star Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow. You can find out more, including speakers and how to book, here.  Alternatively, call Conference Coordinator Leanne Garden on 0800 86 88 90 or email her here.     ... Read More...

Elevate™ wins the best new product award at UK Dairy Day 2018

Semex's new genomic testing program Elevate™ has won the best new product award at UK Dairy Day in Telford. Elevate offers female genomic rankings for all commercial traits, plus one that is unique to Semex -immune status. Females are classified as High, Average or Low Immune genomic status, with those animals classified as High receiving IMMUNITY♀ designation. Farmers can then improve the health status of their herd by keeping the top animals and gradually culling out the lowest ones. On a practical front using Elevate is quick, easy, and seamless, explains Fearghal Gallagher who presented Elevate to the judging panel at the event ( 12 September 2018). "All a farmer using Elevate needs to do is take an ear tissue sample from each animal and post it to the lab. A specific Semex App collects and identifies the genomic samples and minimises labour and time spent on the test. No paperwork is involved, and there are no hairs to pull. The transfer of information is all automated between the App, the Elevate test, and the firm's genetic sire selection and mating programs SemexWorks™ and OptiMate™, making the whole process seamless, accurate and very quick." Elevate moves away from the need for reams of spreadsheets of data that farmers initially look at but then generally file away. The objective of the testing and integrated IT solutions suite is to ensure the farmers make best use of the data to move the genetics of their business forward. Elevate and the Semex programs do this by taking the data and by facilitating corrective matings for each female with the appropriate sire to ensure genetic gains are made, and that the farmers receive a return in investment. "Just recommending that the top females be mated to the highest index sires ignores reams of data on the linear side," adds Mr Gallagher. "There's more to a genomic test than indexes and Elevate ensures that the linears ... Read More...

Semex Conference 2019 - an agent of industry change

With 2019 predicted to be a pivotal year of change for the UK, the 29th Semex conference "Agents of Change" will focus on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the UK dairy industry. To be held between the 13th and 15th January 2019 at the Radisson Blu hotel in the heart of Glasgow's city centre the conference will be addressed by leading figures from across the UK and the global dairy industry. Heading up the speaker line-up with an international perspective will be Sue McCloskey, one of the owners of Fair Oaks Farms, described as the US's largest agritourism attraction, and founder of the Fairlife milk brand whose distribution partner is Coca-Cola. On the political front, Minette Batters, President of the NFU, will give a UK political perspective of the industry. Ash Amirahmadi, in his new role as Managing Director of Arla Foods in the UK, will give an update on what the future looks like for one of the UK's and Europe's biggest milk buyers. Discussing the implications of the impact on Brexit on the normal pattern of dairy trade will be Jukka Likitalo, Secretary General of Eucolait, the European Association of Dairy Trade, which represents the interests of European exporters, importers and wholesalers of dairy products. Michael Dennison, Sales Manager for Semex UK says, "We have a top line up of speakers who are all instrumental in managing change within the agricultural industry". Other speakers include: Dr. Giovanni Gnemmi, owner of Bovinevet, who is a veterinary surgeon and consultant to very large herds in Europe, Russia, USA, Japan, Latin America, China, and the Middle East; Will Evans, farmer turned social media guru and agricultural communicator who is changing the way the UK look at farming through the Rock&Roll ... Read More...

Semex and Buitelaar team-up to reward calf health via Immunity+® premium.

Two industry leaders, genetic solutions company Semex and beef supply chain specialists The Buitelaar Group, announce a joint initiative to promote the merits of breeding healthier calves and keeping them as healthy as possible once born. As part of this Buitelaar will pay farmers a £10 premium over the market rate for Black and White bull calves from Semex's unique and award-winning* Immunity+ sire range. This is because Immunity+ sires have been ranked and selected on their health genes, which they pass down to their offspring. Because Immunity+ has a heritability of 30% the calves also have better health genes than non-Immunity+ calves, and thus a stronger immune response to disease challenge. The end results are lower disease levels and higher animal welfare; an associated reduction in drug use - including antibiotics; better growth and feed conversion rates. Trials on cows have shown that disease in Immunity+ sired cows is reduced by as much as 20%, depending on which disease is assessed. It is hoped that the initiative with Buitelaar will help assess the effect Immunity+ has on calf health, growth rates, and feed conversion compared to non Immunity+ sired calves. "At Buitelaar we focus on improving animal welfare at all stages of our supply chain, for the good of the animal, the farmer, and the consumer by striving to reduce antibiotic use. We used to think that started as soon as the calf was born, but now, with Immunity+ genetics, we realise it could actually start with the choice of semen before a cow is even inseminated," says Adam Buitelaar, Managing Director. "It is only right that we incentivise the use of Immunity+ genetics, because every part of the supply chain, and the consumer, should be able to benefit." Semex will also help Buitelaar locate suitable dairy bull calves and will help communicate best practice calf rearing techniques, back to farmers so that they make the best of their genetic investment. They will also help Buitelaar ... Read More...

Semex Moves Location at Royal Highland Show

Come along to the Scottish show of the year, the Royal Highland Show, 21-24 June 2018, at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston. Visit us at our NEW location on Avenue O. The Royal Highland Show is famous for its extravaganza of events, food stalls and of course, hospitality from Semex. We have our experts on hand to discuss solutions for you over a cool refreshment. We look forward to welcoming you to stand no 556, on Avenue: O. ... Read More...

Holstein Young Breeders Secures the Support of Semex

We are pleased to announce that we are investing in the future of young dairy farmers by renewing our principal sponsorship with Holstein Young Breeders (HYB). With a belief that people are the cornerstone of success, Semex is fuelled by a passion for those working within the industry and, by supporting aspiring young breeders through HYB, the business is helping to create growth and opportunity for British dairying.
As Principal Sponsor, Semex will be supporting all the major HYB events, including National Competitions Day, the Weekend Rally and the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show, as well as a plethora of prestigious HYB Awards such as the Littlestar and President's Medal Awards. The support of Semex will also be instrumental in funding international trips for young breeders including, in particular, a visit to the Royal Winter Fair each year in Toronto.
As part of the sponsorship package Semex will have the opportunity to sit on the judging panels for national awards and competitions, host workshops and seminars and be at the forefront of the organisation's ethos to engage, innovate, educate and equip the next generation of dairy farmers - many of who have the potential to progress onto international cattle breeding platforms - for a prosperous future.
Michael Dennison, UK National Sales Manager for Semex said, "We are delighted to support HYB. The members are the future of our ever-changing industry and at Semex we recognise the talent and dedication of HYB members and will as always support them to push forward in their lives and ultimately help shape the industry over time."
Holstein Young Breeders, the next generation of Holstein UK, is widely considered to be one of the most forward-thinking youth organisations in British agriculture. HYB boasts approximately 1,400 members up to 26 years of age, forming 24 regional Clubs throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. HYB provides members with fantastic opportunities and ... Read More...

Semex's Ability to Increase Herd Health Grows with More Immunity+®

Semex has strengthened the number of Immunity+ sires available to UK dairy farmers with another four entering the fold recently, bringing the number of these unique award winning, health-boosting sires to 69, with the selection offering breeding solutions for all systems. With their release coinciding with the April Proof Run, their introduction expands the choice further because three of the new sires possess the A2A2 gene, and two of which are available as Sexed.

With the focus on herd health and reduced antibiotic usage on farm increasing, Immunity+'s proven ability to deliver disease reducing benefits that significantly improve animal health and welfare has seen an increased demand on these sires, says the company.

The four latest introductions are:


These sires have a blend of different pedigrees and complement Immunity+ daughters currently on the ground in the UK.

Stantons USEFUL, (£663 PLI), traces back to Larcrest Cosmopolitan and scores +2.35 on the new UKTM (+2.24 US PTAT). Moderate on stature and wide chested, as expected, he transmits high daughter fertility (+10.1) and long lifespan (+0.5). With moderate milk, positive deviations for fat and protein, and being an A2A2 carrier he's a bull that easily fits into any breeding program. He's also suitable for robotic milking systems. USEFUL is also available Sexed.

Westcoast ARDOR (£678 PLI), is out of Gold-N-Oaks MVP Aria2185, who already has several sons at Semex, including the hugely popular Westcoast ALCOVE. He scores +1.70 on the new UKTM (+1.97 US PTAT). As with USEFUL this sire offers moderate stature and chest width and transmits high daughter fertility (+11.3) and long lifespan (+0.6). With +591 KG milk, positive constituent deviations and the A2A2 ... Read More...

Immunity+ Wins Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2018

...


...


The latest proof run with a revised Type Merit (TM) calculation sees continued domination by Semex of the genomic sire rankings, with one in five of the top 50 ranked on TM having been bred or acquired by the company, including the top two bulls, and four of the top ten. Stantons Applicable is way out in front of its rivals in first place on the TM listings, with a score of +3.35, which results from a truly class-leading combination of an exceptional mammary score of +3.84 and a feet and legs score of +2.13. On top of those traits his daughters will have a very desirable combination of good chest width, wide rumps and excellent mobility. Following him is Westcoast Lighthouse in second place, with a TM of +3.27, with a mammary and a legs and feet rating of +2.98 and +1.91 respectively. He breeds daughters with lower pins and slightly longer teats and, again, his locomotion score shows they move freely. Also making it into the top 10 on type are two from the Silverridge stable - Allclass and Imax, with both over the +3.0 threshold. Even with the change to the TM formula Allclass is still an impressive +3.10 and Imax’s score has improved to +3.07. Imax daughters are moderate in stature with great chest width and lower rump angle and he is expected to be extremely popular in a wide range of dairying systems. Since the last proof run several new Immunity+ genomic sires have been introduced by the company, including Claynook C-Suite, Claynook Dealmaker and Sandy-Valley Piston. C-Suite has a PLI of £622, combining high milk with very good fat and protein %; low SCC and good daughter fertility. Piston is also high PLI at £670 and will breed well-balanced daughters with a lot of milk and positive fat and protein %. Dealmaker also excels for udders and daughters ... Read More...